Beginning of a whole new race

The gradual realization of living in the age of networked intelligence allow myself to recognize the combination of shrewd adoption of multiple identities, well-practiced digital literacy is the key for marketers to engage and build an online branding for their career development in-conjunction with the open access of materials.

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Transformation is the terminology to describe the development of my online professional profile.

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Previously I would exploit Twitter to receive updates of quality food. However 32% of organizations employee referrals are generated from Twitter according to jobvite. Henceforth I would utilize Twitter as a platform for expanding connection by following personnel like “Simon Sinek” to generate ideas and create the latest marketing vision which will impress “Gary Vaynerchuk.”

Twitter Followers

Subsequently I created a LinkedIn account halfway through this module as 95% of organizations search and contact candidates through LinkedIn according to jobvite. Therefore I would utilize LinkedIn to enhance my networking by following “Drew Hendricks” as this is the most powerful mechanism of accessing the latest social-media strategies and applying these advices to enhance my online profile and landing desired jobs opportunities.

LinkedIn Connection

Lastly Febelfin gobsmacked me on the importance of online privacy and security as it showcase the effortless of cloning others identity. Thereafter I planned to change the security settings on my Facebook account and limit the visibility of my personal information which I never consider previously.



In a nutshell, I will be summarizing the approaches of engagement beyond this module.

The first approach is building online networking. Twitter and LinkedIn will be leverage to shape my professional profile through relevant and extensive connection with the people that I had followed. This widen my connectivity to gain recognition and awareness in order to enhance my online professional profile and strengthen my presence. This is one technique of marketing myself which will be useful in the future.

Consequently, I will adopt a personal touch for Facebook and Instagram in terms of self-branding and marketing the brand message of my profile as posting of pictures enable myself to affiliate and create sentiment with colleagues and clients.

The second approach is participating in online communities. I will continue blogging thought-provoking arguments and trends when I unearth attention-grabbing information through both newspapers and Twitter that are related to the marketing industry. This is one way to stay constantly ahead and updated by engaging users through in-depth discussions.

The third approach is the monthly administration of both my digital profile and online privacy. Personally, I planned to change the password of my social media accounts periodically incorporation with the continuous development of both my online profile and traditional resumes.  This would be the best career development tool to enhance self-branding and maximize connectivity to further enhance my opportunities of landing a desired job.

In conclusion, the online module has been extremely fruitful and engaging which totally exceeded my expectations and the valuable skills and knowledge will definitely assist marketers in the connectivity and self-branding of their professional portfolio and online presence.

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Topic 5 – Reflective Summary

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The argument between paid and free content is inevitable. “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.” (Margaret Fuller) This further strengthen my belief in the implementation of open access which will results in connectivity and the stimulation of engagement among individuals.

In reference to Clinton post, I was captivated by his viewpoint of advertising through Google and Facebook. This change my perspective of advertising platform and how marketers could enhance their online professional profile and promote their product with the growth of ‘Digitisation.’

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.38.48 AM
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Through further research, digital advertising spending is expected to double and eclipse TV advertising in 2018 as shown in the graph above. Incorporation with the development of online professional profile and hyper-connectivity through multiple online identities, marketers will be able to leverage on the growth of ‘Digitisation’ as Facebook and Google will rule the future of advertising. In addition, digital advertising and open access will transform the internet into a cornerstone of freedom and opportunity.

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In reference to Nicole post, I was fascinated by her viewpoint on Open Education Resources (OER) which I had overlooked for my blog post. This broaden my perspective as education at its core is sharing. How can we ensure the sustainability of the OER? Does OER result in the promotion of ethical usage of resources? How can we show our appreciation to the publishers?

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After further examination, sustainability of the OER could be further enhanced by the public investments from the government in educational resources. With the incorporation of open access, individuals from the global will be able to attain the education that they desire due to the reduction in the cost of education materials for students.

Personally as a student, I believe that publisher should be making their materials freely available online as it helps to refine the content of the materials through OER and individuals should practice ethical usage of resources by adopting the proper method of citation in appreciation of the publisher effort.

In conclusion, “Knowledge is possessed only by sharing; it is safeguarded by wisdom and socialized by love.” Therefore a sharing culture will encourage engagement through the use of various technological advancement in the virtual world and discourage the adoption of unethical practices.

See my comment for Clinton and Nicole here.

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Openness – The tidal wave of Innovation

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“Deny children openness and connectedness, we nullify the power of the Web” by Scoot McLeod. This stimulated my beliefs that connectivity and accessibility to materials widen the visionary of individuals thereby creating a sharing culture. A combination of sensible adoption of online identities, well-practiced digital literacy and adherence to ethical and legal standard should improve the self-branding and authenticity of individual profiling in conjunction with the openness of the internet.

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is treating all internet traffic the same. Why is net neutrality important? This article mentioned that with the passing of net neutrality law in countries such as America, it promotes innovation and stimulates an ethical circle of lower prices and higher connectivity benefiting both the public and organization. Incorporation with complimentary online materials it drives entrepreneurship which is one of the key elements that a marketer should possess.

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Content Provider Perspective

From the provider viewpoint, the task of pondering over the advantages and disadvantages of generating complimentary online materials is strenuous and taxing. One of the advantages of complimentary online materials is the increase of readership and this could built a high online presence for the content provider enhancing the marketability of his publication in the virtual world.

On the contrary, the argument of complimentary online materials is destined to be restricted by the publication fees, quality control and sustainability as mentioned by Edanz. These drawbacks could result in the rise of “paywalls’ in the near future as the content providers are not adequately compensated for their effort in terms of production.

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Recommended Solution

Currently, 90% of online content is likely be held behind a paywall in the coming years. In order to preserve the sustainability of this trend, organizations could adopt Spring-City Culture International Group practices as presented in the photo above.

This solution would encourage the sharing of knowledge as well as reducing inequality of knowledge access between developing and developed countries. Moreover with the strategic development and sustained growth of complimentary online materials, marketers will be able to forge a stronger connectivity with different individuals and established their online presence.

Present Situation

Personally I felt that with the growth of ‘Digitisation individuals will be accessing information through the digital world as compared to visiting libraries for information due to the convenience and the innovation of applications and the development of google.

Moreover this might result in the trend of individuals purchasing paid content from selective websites as they began to value online content in which paying for quality content will become the behavioural norm.

Photo Credit: Pew Research Center via Goggle

In conclusion, content provider would be wise to provide complimentary online materials as it’s simulates learning whereby valuable insight could be gain through the engagement of discussion which is also the main purpose of this online module. Moreover, I firmly believe that “Knowledge is power, Knowledge shared is power multiplied” (Robert Noyce) and with an open internet and complimentary online materials it will result in ethical practices and connectivity among individuals.

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Topic 4 – Reflective Summary

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Transformation of the technological advancement results in the discussion of the diversity of ethical issues, which covers the theme of the argument. From the marketer’s business perspective, I had chosen to focus on the utilization of others catastrophe.

In reference to Yi Shin post, I was captivated by her statement “online profiles may prove to be a more accurate assessment” of candidates. This led to my thinking about the authenticity of individual’s online professional profile and the credibility of the origin. How truthful are online profiles as compared to traditional resumes? Could online profiles complement the weakness of the traditional resumes? Does social ethics play a part in the credibility?

This diversify my perception on online profiles and resulted in my further research. Incorporation with the technological advancement, online profiles would be the best career development tool due to its flexibility while on the contrary individuals should develop their resumes to maximize the best chance of landing their desired job. I concluded that individual should be conscious and careful in the management of both their online profiles and traditional resumes in an ethical manner.

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In reference to Julia post, being a food gourmet I was naturally attracted. What fascinated me was her statement “publication get paid for positive review and critics get fired.” This led to my thinking about the usage of multiple online identities to broadcast food review. Are these actions morally and legally right? How can social ethics promote the right behaviour?

Personally, I realized that fake identities could be incorporated into food review while previously this idea had never came across my mind. Individuals should be more sensible when evaluating food review and peer recommendations. The firms should organize ethics lectures as mentioned in my blog to discourage such actions and practice corporate social responsibility to ensure sustainability. Moreover, government could play a role in setting policies and legislation to deter the usage of un-ethical marketing strategy.

Video Credit: Goggle via YouTube

In conclusion, it would be a challenging task to completely wipe out all the un-ethical marketing strategy. However individuals could place more effort in the promotion of the right ethical behaviour which will result in the minimization of the un-ethical practices, creating an ethically and morally culture. Lastly, behaviour is socially and culturally modelled while socially and culturally judged.

See my comment for Yi Shin and Julia here.

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Topic 4 – Utilization of Catastrophe

Graph On Influencers
Photo Credit: Forbes via Goggle

Social media sites provides the platform for business growth due to the large pool of audience as shown in the graph and helps to reach the desired customers segments. This platform helps business to connect with their customer’s profiles of various multiple online identities to increase sales and publicity. The symbolic ethical issue would be the utilization of others catastrophe.

This post will illustrate how an organization felt apologetic towards the usage of un-ethical marketing strategy involving disasters while the other organization doesn’t.

Photo Credit: Forbes via Goggle

Boston Bombing

These tweets demonstrated the insensitivity of business towards the misfortune of others. Epicurious had more than 385,000 followers on its twitter account and this caused a backlash from the public towards its advertisement of the breakfast recipes. This causes the organization to be apologetic towards its actions. I fully agree that offensive tweet catches the attention of the public more than positive tweet based on Justine Sacco example.

Photo Credit: Forbes via Goggle

Organizations should observed the growth of influencer marketing. Social media had shifted the balance of power between customer and brands. Peer recommendations had a more prominent effect on customers purchasing decision and insensitivity tweets could tarnish firm image and reputation towards its customers.

Photo Credit: Biz-marketer via Goggle

Syrian civil war

On the contrary, un-ethical marketing could be part of a business strategy.

Un-ethical marketing?

What is so attractive about this?

Photo Credit: The Huffington Post via Goggle

Quoted from Kenneth Cole “So on what criteria is this a gaffe?”

Even though he hired a crisis management firm and tweeted an explanation, Kenneth Cole was not apologetic for his actions and view his marketing strategy as a success due to the improvement of sales volume and the publicity that the tweet had generated.

Video Credit: Tune Box via YouTube

Present Situation

Personally, I felt that there is a lack of ethics code of conduct and legislation which is the main reason that promote the growth of un-ethical marketing strategy.  Firms should organize ethics lectures for their staffs resulting in high ethics value employees thereby creating an ethical workforce. Moreover offensive tweet are memorable and capture consumers attention. However these tweet such as Justine Sacco raised awareness and donations to AIDS charities.

Video Credit: Epoch Times via YouTube

In addition, individuals should focused on positive comments rather than negative comments and whether an individual is a digital visitor or resident, people could leverage on multiple online identities to change a person life with the positive inspirational.

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In conclusion, social media such as twitter is only a messenger and individuals should be responsible for racist and un-ethical posts. Marketers should have adequate digital literacy and be responsible for any publication, as it contribute to self-branding and the authenticity of the online professional profiling. I strongly believe that “Compassion is the basis of all morality” by Arthur Schopenhauer and when firm doesn’t practice ethical marketing, the company moral principles will be questioned.

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Topic 3 – Reflective Summary

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The evolution of the authentic online professional profile could be approach in multiple aspects. Generally, the ideas that was being shared by my classmates to develop an authentic online professional profile were extremely insightful. Some of them went into details of setting up a LinkedIn account and providing video’s while others took a broad approach in the discussion of that subject.

In reference to Kai Yuan post, I was captivated by his critique on hiring through online channels. From the marketer perspective, even though the method was cost effective, however the organization might be faced limitation of information as employer could only notice the information that the candidate was willing to share. This strike me as the self-branding of an individual might not tally with the predictive validity of the employee performance as individuals could develop multiple online identities and post strategic information to hide their flaws.

In reference to Hui Min post, I was allure to her statement “always remember to put in your contact details.” From the marketer perspective this will improve the connectivity of the individuals and enhance their authentic online professional profile enabling them to land a chance for interview. Personally, I had not though of this aspect and this change my view in which being contactable in the professional profile would assist myself to connect with the right people in terms of networking.

Video Credit: YouTube via Goggle

In addition, individuals could use different social media tools and stay connected and contactable of the latest information of the industry trends and news as this will greatly enhance the development of an online professional profile and helps to build a platform for further growth.

To conclude, the development of professional profiling is becoming increasingly exciting and thought-provoking due to the multiple online identities. Therefore individuals will be require to have sufficient knowledge on digital literacy in terms of self-analysing, self-branding and connecting to the right information towards the forming of an authentic online professional profile.

See my comment for Kai Yuan and Hui Min here.

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Topic 3 – “Me” the Genuine Branding

Living souls will inevitably question the authenticity of online professional profile as we commenced through the journey of Digital visitors-residents and Multiple online identities. However authenticity is critical in the development of our online portfolio and individuals should conduct self-analysis, self-branding and connectivity to ensure the authenticity of their profile.

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Why google wants you to goggle yourself? This article mentioned that users are not satisfied about the results that they received when they are searching for their name. One of the solution to enhance user control would be google profile. Individuals will be able to include more information to their profile and the page will be ranked higher when people are searching using their name and keywords associated to them. This is well related to my personal experience as I had been updating my profile since the start of this module.

In addition, individuals are required to practice “defensive googling” to ensure the presentation of a clean version of themselves to their prospective employers as mistaken online identities can result in serious consequences.

Photo Credit: Evie Bool via Goggle

Self- Branding

Branding is critical in the building of online professional profile. Individuals should create consistent image for their professional profile and according to “Dorie Clark” individuals should create a domain name, LinkedIn and Twitter as it reinforces their branding and build the online presence of their profile.

Video Credit: YouTube via Goggle

In addition, 93% of recruiters use or plan to use social media to support recruiting efforts, which makes the growth of social media mind-boggling. Therefore users should place social icons on blogs to allow users to connect with their visitors and making self-profile search friendly as employers might equate low online presence candidates as inexperienced candidates of the industry.


According to Lida Citroen, it is significant to connect with the decision makers, information sources and cheerleaders who could provide platform and valuable insight for individuals to position themselves for a job opportunity.

Video Credit: Career attraction via Youtube

The connectivity with such categories will further develop individuals self-branding and self-analysis. Moreover, 93% of recruiters will review the candidate profile before making a hiring decision therefore it would be wise to connect with people such as Alan H Turner II and Anne Wilson to boost the online professional profile as they are both the CEO of the respective organizations.

Photo Credit: Statistics from Jobvite via Class Blog

On the contrary, individuals should avoid posting negative issues on the social media platform such as sexual and racist post in the writing of their post as might result in negativity and caused them to lose their job due to the wide connectivity that social media brings to the people.

In conclusion, Socrates once mentioned “to find yourself, think for yourself.” This is the basic principle of building an authentic online professional profile as being someone that isn’t yourself is tiring. Moreover from the marketer perspective, individuals should understand the importance of self-branding and use it as a form of online identities to advertise themselves to potential employers and continually re-envisioning their blog in order to develop and enhance the authenticity of their profile’s.

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