Topic 3 – “Me” the Genuine Branding

Living souls will inevitably question the authenticity of online professional profile as we commenced through the journey of Digital visitors-residents and Multiple online identities. However authenticity is critical in the development of our online portfolio and individuals should conduct self-analysis, self-branding and connectivity to ensure the authenticity of their profile.

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Why google wants you to goggle yourself? This article mentioned that users are not satisfied about the results that they received when they are searching for their name. One of the solution to enhance user control would be google profile. Individuals will be able to include more information to their profile and the page will be ranked higher when people are searching using their name and keywords associated to them. This is well related to my personal experience as I had been updating my profile since the start of this module.

In addition, individuals are required to practice “defensive googling” to ensure the presentation of a clean version of themselves to their prospective employers as mistaken online identities can result in serious consequences.

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Self- Branding

Branding is critical in the building of online professional profile. Individuals should create consistent image for their professional profile and according to “Dorie Clark” individuals should create a domain name, LinkedIn and Twitter as it reinforces their branding and build the online presence of their profile.

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In addition, 93% of recruiters use or plan to use social media to support recruiting efforts, which makes the growth of social media mind-boggling. Therefore users should place social icons on blogs to allow users to connect with their visitors and making self-profile search friendly as employers might equate low online presence candidates as inexperienced candidates of the industry.


According to Lida Citroen, it is significant to connect with the decision makers, information sources and cheerleaders who could provide platform and valuable insight for individuals to position themselves for a job opportunity.

Video Credit: Career attraction via Youtube

The connectivity with such categories will further develop individuals self-branding and self-analysis. Moreover, 93% of recruiters will review the candidate profile before making a hiring decision therefore it would be wise to connect with people such as Alan H Turner II and Anne Wilson to boost the online professional profile as they are both the CEO of the respective organizations.

Photo Credit: Statistics from Jobvite via Class Blog

On the contrary, individuals should avoid posting negative issues on the social media platform such as sexual and racist post in the writing of their post as might result in negativity and caused them to lose their job due to the wide connectivity that social media brings to the people.

In conclusion, Socrates once mentioned “to find yourself, think for yourself.” This is the basic principle of building an authentic online professional profile as being someone that isn’t yourself is tiring. Moreover from the marketer perspective, individuals should understand the importance of self-branding and use it as a form of online identities to advertise themselves to potential employers and continually re-envisioning their blog in order to develop and enhance the authenticity of their profile’s.

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23 thoughts on “Topic 3 – “Me” the Genuine Branding

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  2. Hi Wei Jie! Your blog is really engaging and well researched! The points were clear and well supported by your points, giving me a lot to think about.

    Prior to reading your post, I had no idea about defensive google. I like how we are taught to protect our personal brand since mistaken identity as seen from the article is a major issue. However, how effective is this defence method? Can it really prevent one from being identified mistakenly? Moreover, upon reading your blog post I did google myself but got a disappointing result because I couldn’t find myself. I shared it on my own blog, you could check it out if you’re interested! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Joey

      Thanks for taking your valuable time to comment on my blog post.

      With regards to the effectiveness of the defensive googling, it will not be able to prevent the mistaken identities entirely, due to the growing trend of multiple online identities and the limited information that individual place online.

      However with the introduction of defensive goggling and other methods it can greatly reduce the probability of mistaken identities but we will never be able to eliminate this probability entirely.

      Not to worry, I believe as the module and degree courses progress, you will have more valuable knowledge to practice selective online branding and build up your online presence enabling you to appear in the top post categories of your name.

      Thanks for the invite to your blog post, it was definitely insightful and an eye opening experience for me to visit your blog. Great job and keep up the good effort!

      Wei Jie.


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  6. Hey Weijie!

    I must say this is a very informative post! You’ve covered some points that I’ve missed in my part and it definitely got me thinking a little more. Take Google Profile as an example. I didn’t know that it comes top on our search list. And Defensive Googling is a new term that you’ve introduced to me. Read up more about it and yes it is very applicable to people with common names. It is very likely that I’m one of the victims too… sadly. Time to do something about it to avoid being unknowingly sabotaged! Additionally, I agree that connections are very important too. Who knows if anyone of our friends can get you closer to your dream job in future? Here is also where social media networking kicks in. Joining interest groups on platforms such as LinkedIn would broaden our networks too, don’t you think so? Enjoyed your unique take on this topic! You may wish to check out mine too @

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Audrey,

      Thanks for taking your valuable time to comment on my blog post.

      I would agree with you that LinkedIn would broaden our connectivity with important people such as the decision makers. However do consider that, if everyone were to create a LinkedIn profile for themselves, what would be your unique marketing point?

      Therefore this is where emerging online technologies comes into place, whereby creative and innovative personnel will be developing the next social media tool to engage and connect with everyone in this universe.

      Being student, we have ample time to build up our online professional profile and we only need an hour or two every week to maintain the profile in order to assist us in job opportunities and promotions in the future.

      Thanks for the invite to your blog post.

      Your blog post mentioned more in depth about LinkedIn which I had overlooked. Moreover you mentioned about unemployment rates which is definitely a good introduction and starting point to address the need for an authentic online professional profile.

      Enjoy the weekend! Great job and keep up the good effort!

      Wei Jie.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Weijie,

    I like how you always have interesting images and videos for your posts and it has been a fun time reading through your take on how to develop a professional online profile.

    You mentioned about the importance of authenticity on an online profile which I totally agree, as it’s one of the basis for an online profile to be professional. Under your point on self-analysis, I like how you suggested one to practice defensive googling to ensure the profile that our future employers are searching is the “true you” and not some fake online identities by identity thieves. Of course defensive googling cannot be done only once, we must keep this consistent to prevent serious consequences. To be honest, this is one of the most important step in developing a professional online profile but many people underestimates it.

    Self-branding like you mentioned can be enhanced by using social networking websites like LinkedIn or Twitter with using consistent names for all of them. But what do you think a proper and professional LinkedIn and Twitter account should be like? No doubt we must avoid posting negative or inappropriate stuff as it will cost one’s job to be taken away but what information must we include inside to be robust and what kind of profile image is considered ‘professional’ from your point of view?

    The point you stated about connectivity is spot on as building a large network by connecting with high profile people will definitely increase our chances to be “scouted” by them.

    To sum it all up, your post has given me a deeper insight into how effective some factors, for instance defensive googling, can help in developing a professional online profile. I have really learned a lot from you and I hope to read more great stuff from you!

    Jun Wai

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jun Why

      Thanks for taking your valuable time to comment on my blog post.

      I am honoured that you like the images and videos that I had posted on my blog for this module. Hope that you have an enjoyable journey ahead, in terms of reading both mine and the rest of the peer’s blog too.

      Firstly, I believe that the most critical portion of the individual professional LinkedIn and Twitter profile would the image of themselves. There is no doubt that posting negative and inappropriate stuff is unethical. The image of individuals should be a photo that one wears appropriate business attire and having a pleasant facial expression in order to look professional in the image that they used to describe themselves that contribute to self-branding.

      Secondly, individuals should include information of the highlights of their career and also the profile of clients that they had assisted in their job scope. This will lead to the enhancement of their professional online profile.

      I had attached two references and you could browse through them to have a better understanding.

      Enjoy the weekend with your girlfriend and your loved ones!

      Great job and keep up the positive energy you had for this module!

      Wei Jie.

      What should you include in a professional profile? (n.d.). Retrieved November 6, 2015, from

      Giang, V. (2013, November 12). 8 Profile Picture Rules Every Professional Should Follow. Retrieved November 6, 2015, from


  8. Hi Wei Jie!

    Great to see that we share similar sentiments! Yes I’d agree that the steps mentioned by you are extremely important in branding ourselves and ensure a highly professional online profile, which employers look for.

    One thing I never knew was about our own google profiles. It’s interesting to know how including more information on our google profiles and updating it regularly will increase our search engine rankings. This information you’ve provided is definitely crucial in enhancing our online profiles, especially when it’s one of the first few things a potential employer might see when googling about us.

    Since reading your post, I’ve been wondering. What really is being authentic? Does removing our ‘dirty’ tracks online really being authentic and ‘real’? Or is it simply hoping to develop a facet of our ‘perfect self’ in front of those employers? What are your thoughts? Please let me know ☺


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for taking your valuable time to comment on my blog post.

      As I mentioned that the evaluation authenticity is questionable, in which people could adopt the different steps in ensuring the self-analysis and self-branding of online profile to be professional.
      Removing the ‘dirty’ tracks online would only serve as a motivation tool for people to change and it is definitely tiring trying to portray an image that isn’t yourself.

      Individuals with high self-esteem might regard themselves to have the perfect profile in front of their employers, however individual judgement of perfect profile can be measured not only by objective measures but subjective measures too.

      To conclude, individuals should consolidate and have the self-motivation to maintain their professional profile image in order to allow the authenticity of their profile to be unquestionable.

      Hope that you are recovering well and the weekend is approaching and wish you the best time with your boyfriend over the weekend.

      Wei Jie.


  9. Hi Weijie,

    Your post was so well structured and well written. I liked that you mentioned defensive googling under your self-analysis point. I must admit I learnt a new term. It is imperative for individuals to manage their online profile with caution, especially when it comes to mistaken identities. There will inevitably be people with similar names, ages and interests, and some might even possess a history of bad records. Thus it would only be wise to claim the “clean” version of it with LinkedIn.

    In addition to your point on connectivity, connecting with the right people will indeed enhance the online presence of individuals seeking job opportunities. Recruiters tend to pay attention to the individuals who they have engaged and communicated with. The sense of familiarity and positive relations formed during the connection will certainly assist in the chances of individuals getting hired. On the other hand, it might be a little challenging connecting with the prospective employers because they may or may not entertain a random individual. Will asking questions about the company alone help the individuals get connected? Or are there other ways to get the recruiters to notice their presence?

    I really enjoyed reading your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for taking your valuable time to comment on my blog post.

      I would like to quote your statement of “it might be a little challenging connecting with the prospective employers because they may or may not entertain a random individual.”

      Based on the video that I had come across, 50% of the time people will actually get a response. There having the glass half-full, it will be our jobs as student to develop our connection and profiling in order to stand a better chance for prestige job opportunities and job promotion.

      I had attached the video under the references for your kind attention.

      In addition, asking question would assist individuals to get connected and be more well informed of the company vision, goals and values which will be helpful when individuals are making their career pathways decision.

      There are definitely more ways to get the recruiters attention and it will be based on the individual’s creativity and innovation.

      Enjoy the weekend! Great job and keep up the good effort!

      Wei Jie.

      Online Presence: M3 Connecting & Working With People. (n.d.). Retrieved November 6, 2015, from


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  12. Hello Wei Jie 🙂

    Just read your blog post and I found it really informative! I really liked some of the points you covered that I have missed out on mine!

    Just a small question regarding the self analysis, by googling yourself. Are there any cons to googling yourself? Like for the majority of us around our age, we would have those old class blogs or something along those lines which were created maybe in secondary school. And sometimes, googling ourselves would cause these sites to appear in our search engine. Hence, it might be plausible for a future employer to chance upon it when looking into us. What could be done in such situations?

    Sorry for the late comment! Thanks! TGIF! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Julia

      Thanks for taking your valuable time to comment on my blog post. Apologies for the late response.

      Generally, there are no disadvantages in googling to find out more about individual online presence. However individuals might suffer from a lack of self-esteem if there is a lack of online presence when they tried to google themselves.

      In addition to your second question, individuals could remove the inappropriate content from the old class blogs comments made by the respective individuals.

      Wei Jie.


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